Hotel students won 3rd prize EMCup

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On Thursday the 10th of January four  students of the Academy of Hotel Management, Dorien Evenhuis, Diana Romanova, Guy Landstra and Rebecca Hartkamp won third prize in The European Mise en Place Cup (EMCup) in Amsterdam. The European Mise en Place Cup (EMCup) is an initiative of HotelloTOP and co-creator Mise en Place. The EMCup is a competition amongst International hotel management schools.


The EMCup draws upon the quality, knowledge en competences of hotel management students and is focused on new concept development within the hospitality industry. The competition focusses on students who think that their ideas or experiences can make a difference in the hospitality industry.Together they find solutions for a wide range of topics.The topic for the 2013 EMCup was Cruise Management.

Dorien, Diana Guy and Rebecca’s concept ‘hop on hop off’ was appreciated by the 30 international jury members and awarded with 3rd prize overall.

The Academy of Hotel & Facility Management congratulates the students on this great achievement.


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