Hospitality Innovation & Imagineering in ‘Hoofddorp’

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Following their previous assignment on designing a hotel soft brand, students from the Academy of Hotel and Facility Management Minor ‘Hospitality Innovation and Imagineering’ kicked-off their next project last Monday.minor-students-hofm

In this final assignment students will team up with the city of Haarlemmermeer to address the urban redevelopment of ‘Hoofddorp Centraal’ station area. They do this as part of a larger urban renewal project aimed at rejuvenating the route between Hoofddorp Centraal station and the city centre of Hoofddorp.

During the kick-off commissioner Wim van der Lee and NHTV lecturer Pieter le Roux explained the context of the project and the ambitions the City of Haarlemmermeer has with this project.

During the next three weeks students will work on conceptualising guidelines for creating opportunities. These opportunies should involve the increasing and facilitating of social and commercial activities and the overall experience value of the ‘Hoofddorp Centraal’ station zone. Outcomes of this assignment will be presented to the commissioner. All other stakeholders in the ‘Hoofddorp Centraal Project’ will be invited to attend the presentation as well.

Source: Academy of Hotel and Facility Management

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