HBO Intro Festival ‘new style’

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On 7 September, the first edition of HBO Intro Festival ‘new style’ took place at Breepark. This edition focused on the first-year students.

For the first time, the HBO Intro Festival was only accessible for all first-year students in Breda. This way, the freshmen got the attention they deserved, according to the organisation. The festival grounds contained several snack booths, lounge corners and student games. Like building a beer crate tower, while hanging on a rope.

The information booths around the festival also got more attention, because only freshmen were present.

Not everyone was happy about the move from the city centre to Breepark, and the choice to only invite first-year students. That is why several alternative parties for older students were organised in the city centre.

Read more about the HBO Intro Festival in this Dutch article in BN DeStem.

Source: Marketing and Communication Office

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