Guest WiFi use within NHTV

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Since 1 February 2015, NHTV has been offering improved facilities for guest use of our own network. Guests can use our WiFi network on their own devices in order to gain access to the internet. This can be done in three different ways. 250x250ICT

1. Guests from another university of applied sciences or research university have a login account of their own university. As most education institutions are affiliated with SURF, this means that these guests can use their own login details to log in at NHTV too.

Several guest lecturers and other visitors from the education sector have already made use of this facility, as we have seen in our user logs. This facility works so well, that we even have a couple of thousands of Avans students registered as NHTV network users. These students pass by our buildings while on the bus or cycling and their device (often their mobile phone) is picked up by one of our WiFi points. We obviously see a lot of Avans users of this sort, but also users from Erasmus University, Leuven and Tilburg. These guests can work in the network environment of their own education institution while based in one of the NHTV buildings.

2. For guests who we know by name, we have improved our ‘guest accounts’. This facility can be requested from Service Desk online. For each academy, 100 accounts were created to which Service Desk can add real names and user periods (maximum of 7 days). As it happens, some academies have chosen to manage this facility themselves via a local secretarial office. Attaching names to these guest accounts plus creating temporary passwords has now become a routine procedure which only takes about one minute, after which the guest has access to WiFi/the internet.

A quick poll among recent requesters of the facility produced the following comments.

  • The request was quickly and easily handled.
  • The availability of Eduroam is very convenient and practical; this is something that could be publicised more widely.
  • Perhaps it might be a good idea to give every lecturer his or her ‘own’ guest account, which they can use as best suits them.
  • It would be nice to have a little more explanation about what you can do (and can’t do) with a guest account.
  • Eliminate the need to log in in order to gain WiFi access, so that everyone who walks in will have free access to the internet.

3. For events we have what is termed the ‘event account’: what’s in a name. A typical feature of this account is that we do not know the users by name. The organiser of the event requests one user-password combination, which can be used by all visitors of the event. The event leader can share these details with his audience for the day.

Source: IM & ICT Service

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