Green NHTV Campus excursion

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Upon completion of the final design of the NHTV Campus, the InboCuld architects created a Virtual Tour of NHTV’s future campus. This Virtual Tour gives a good impression of the new green NHTV Campus and can be found on the NHTV campus website. You can also find Chapter 3 of The Making of the new NHTV Campus there.

Summer holidays
During the summer, the ‘Making of’ the new campus will continue as usual. The first tendering processes are in full swing and the project team is working hard on the preparations for the landscaping of the campus grounds. Last week an NHTV delegation, together with the landscape architect, went on an excursion to a tree nursery to find out more about all what’s possible. After the summer you will hear more about the next steps in this project.


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Source: NHTV Campus Project Team


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