Good raise in percentages for the NSE

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Currently 18.9% of NHTV students have completed the National Student Survey (abbriviated in Dutch to NSE). The overall response in the Netherlands is 21.1%.

Especially students from the Academy for Tourism and the Academy for Urban Development, Logistics and Mobility have filled out the survey. However, we need more respondents. After all: the higher the response the more reliable the results are. The results of the NSE are an important source of information, as they are used within NHTV to monitor, benchmark (internal and external) and improve the quality of the study programmes. In addition, the NSE data are also used as input for ‘Keuzegids Hoger Onderwijs’, the special issue of Elsevier ‘the best study programmes’ (a ranking list) and the website Studiekeuze123.

You can find a direct link to the survey in you NHTV mailbox or request a link via the NSE website.

Source: Strategy, Education and Research Office

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