Fritz Kohle spoke at ‘Make your Market’ event in Edinburgh

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On April 10, lecturer Fritz Kohle attended the Edinburgh event ‘Make your Market’ to speak on the topic of Online Authenticity and Social Media. The event featured producers such as Signe Sorenson, producer of ‘The Act of Killing’, and Patrick Hurley of Dogwoof, a company specialising in online distribution and social media campaigning in the field of documentary production.Fritz Kohle

Fritz Kohle is also credited as the lead author of the article ‘Journalistic independence: How social media are reshaping power structures in news broadcasting‘ published in the peer-reviewed journal ‘Social, Health, and Communication Studies’.

NHTV colleagues with similar interests are encouraged to contact Mr. Kohle via for possible collaboration on other research topics in the field of Social Media and Documentary Production.

Source: Academy for Digital Entertainment

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