Frederike van Ouwerkerk gave a presentation in Milan

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Frederike van Ouwerkerk attended the general conference of ICOM (international Council of Museums) in Milan earlier this month. Theme of the conference was “Museums and cultural landscapes”. During this conference she gave two pre-conference workshops about storytelling and presented a paper about tourism possibilities of the Roman Limes (Frontier) along the River Rhine.Frederike-van-Ouwerkerk

For the Roman Frontier along the River Rhine, the Dutch Government has decided for an Unesco World Heritage Site candidacy in cooperation with Nordrhein-Westfalen and Rheinland-Pfalz in Germany.

Four archeologists presented the supply side, while Frederike talked about the demand side. Her presentation was titled: “The Roman Limes, a memoryscape which can be developed into a challenging tourist destination by using storylines as a connecting thread between landscape and museums in order to make the past visible and tangible”. You can read the abstract of her presentation here and an abstract of the content of her workshop here.

Source: Academy for Tourism

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