Food and beverages on the new campus

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For the food and beverages on the new campus, students, employees, entrepreneurs and guests will be able to choose from a number of different catering concepts. In this food and beverages are not only important, but also community building.

Students, employees, entrepreneurs and guests differ from each other in terms of available time and financial resources, for this reason there are concepts which are in keeping with very diverse needs. There is a variety in assortment, prices, level of service and experience, so that everyone can opt for a concept which is suited to their needs at that moment.

The current kitchens in the convent and the N-building will be retained. The catering concepts will be partially outsourced and partially taken care of by the in-school training company at the Academy of Hotel and Facility Management.

How often the facilities are used at the moment in the current locations has recently been looked into. On the basis of this a calculation has been made of the number of visitors who will have to be catered for on the future campus at peak moments. All of this has been included in the ‘Vision of Food & Beverages’.

Not everything has yet been included
This vision includes concepts which will be incorporated. It also tells in which building they will be realised. The vision provides a rough sketch; this sketch still has to be further developed. Dependent on the party who will provide the facilities, things may still change.

In the situation as it now stands, in the convent you will find:

  • Good coffee
  • Toasted and other sandwiches and rolls
  • Diverse snacks / quick and healthy *
  • À la carte restaurant *
  • Wine-food area *
  • Chapel (banqueting) *

(The facilities marked with an * will be taken care of by the in-school training company at AHFM)

In the N-building two facilities with be provided:

  • Self-catering restaurant for a large number of users
  • Entrepreneurial Plaza

In the H-building there will be:

  • A sports bar
Source: Campus Team

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