First TDM symposium on city marketing

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On 12 October, the Master in Tourism Destination Management hosted the Symposium on Urban Tourism, Urban Competitiveness, and City Marketing. In three interactive presentations the guest speakers talked about the special position of tourism in the development and management of cities.

After an introduction by Jos van der Sterren and Jeroen Klijs, Jan van der Borg was the first speaker of the day. He is associate professor at KU Leuven and advisory consultant of national and local governments on the economic importance of tourism and regional tourism policies. He argued that for urban tourism destinations to become and stay competitive, they are required to be both smart and sustainable.

Erik Braun gave the second presentation. Erik is a senior researcher and lecturer in urban economics, and tourism at the Erasmus Centre for Urban, Port and Transport Economics. Erik stated that place branding is a way to influence perceptions. Brands are much more than just a communication tool. They establish images and create networks of association within the mind of customers. Ultimately, they influence their behavior and decision making.

The third speaker of the day was Marko van Hoek. He is the director and owner of City Consult Nederland. According to Marko, city marketing is about two terms: ‘Customer Journey’ and ‘Story Telling’. He argued that the focus of successful marketeers should move from locations and attractions to stories and experiences.

The event was wrapped up by a forum discussion moderated by Jos van der Sterren.

For more information about this symposium, please visit the website of the Master TDM.

Source: Academy for Tourism

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