First Open Your Mind session of this year

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The Master in Imagineering is back with its Open Your Mind sessions. The first session, themed ‘Inspiration’, will take place on 15 your mind 250

Seeing things differently is urgently needed in today’s exponentially connected world, in business as well as in society. Luckily we are aware that there is a bunch of new books bringing new insights that help us liberate organisations from their industrial shackles.

Open Your Mind, three sessions of 120-minutes briefings from the Master in Imagineering, celebrates these new insights and knowledge in an inspiring and fun way. Master students present three recent books (each book presented in 20 minutes) to make you see things differently. Brought in the three phases of a design process: Inspiration, Ideation, Implementation, we help you free your mind by presenting you cutting edge new books. These books are always related to the specific phases, to empower you for the interventions you make on a daily basis in your organisation and/or society at large.

The first meeting takes place on 15 November and will have the theme Inspiration. This meeting will be hosted by Diane Nijs.

Click here for more information about Open Your Mind and the upcoming session.

Source: Academy for Leisure

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