First edition of the NHTV Summer School has started

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On Monday 4 July, the first edition of the NHTV Summer School started. 15 students and one attending lecturer from our partner university Institute for Tourism (IFT) from Macao, China were welcomed by Hein van Oorschot, as well as the lecturers and colleagues involved with the organisation of the programme.Summer School 03

First impressions
After a first intense day of lessons, students were treated to a virtual reality session by our ADE colleagues. After this session students were introduced to the Dutch way of transportation and received their NHTV bikes. In the upcoming days the group will visit Rotterdam and the Efteling as part of the programme. They will also undertake fun, social activities such as traditional Dutch sport games and attending the Palm Parkies concert. The motivation among the participants is high and we are ready to make this an unforgettable experience for everybody involved.

Early take-off to Volendam
The Summer School would not be complete without a visit to the authentic village of Volendam and the beautiful city of Amsterdam. On Saturday 9 July, the participants will depart early in the morning by bus from Breda and head to Volendam. Upon their arrival, they will have the possibility to wander around and will then dress up in authentic Dutch costumes and will be photographed, this will mark the end of our visit to Volendam.

Amsterdam to end a perfect day
Last but not least, the students will head off to Amsterdam in the afternoon. A visit to the Rijksmuseum is included as well as a boat tour on the canals to see the most beautiful places in Amsterdam. Some free time will eventually be given for the students to visit some more places or have a drink on a nice terrace. Overall, we are very excited for these events to take place. Stay tuned as we will update you with more information soon; or follow the Summer School on Facebook.

Source: SER, Student Office

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