Finalists announced for Student Startup Award Brabant

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Code Qube, JAMwerkt and Eventix. These are the three businesses which will be competing for the first Student Startup Award Brabant on 24 November. They were started by students from Avans Hogeschool, Tilburg University  and Eindhoven University of Technology  respectively.  In the preliminaries, the jury chose them, based on their pitch, as the best of the ten businesses nominated, all founded by students of Brabant-based educational institutes.Starterslift

The jury first chose the best startup for each partaking institute, and then the three entrepreneurs who will be pitching during the finals on 24 November. Customs By BB (Fontys Hogescholen) and Ghost Tours (NHTV) came out as winners of their respective institutes, but failed to secure a place in the finals. Other nominees were Suus@Noon (Avans), Siemie & Koko (Fontys), VOKE Productions (NHTV),  BitSensor (TU/e) and Mr. Winston (Tilburg University).  

“It is incredibly inspiring to see what kind of startups are conceived by students from educational institutes in Brabant. A huge diversity of companies and sectors, from idea phase to scale-up, but all of them entrepreneurs with loads of audacity and energy. To me this shows the importance of educating people about entrepreneurship and how valuable it is that entrepreneurs are given the opportunity to flourish within their educational institutes,” says jury member Mirjam Bink, entrepreneur and co-founder of ONL voor Ondernemers and Jong ONL. Her fellow jury members are Pierre van Kleef (Gate2Holding and Midpoint Brabant) and entrepreneur Barend Groote Schaarsberg.

The finalists
Code Qube was founded by Jessica Eijgelsheim and Sharina Kiesebrink. They developed the Code Qube as their graduation project for the study programme of Communication & Multimedia Design at Avans Hogeschool. The Code Qube is an interactive and physical tool for children from the age of 8 to learn how to build their own website in a playful manner. Apart from programming, this involves aspects such as cooperating, reflecting, creativity and digital literacy.

Ruud Schippers founded during his studies at Tilburg University, together with his brother Martijn and sister Miranda. It is an online job platform for young people aged between 15 and 27. This platform enables young people to fill in their availability online. With just a few clicks, companies can subsequently hire these people for all kinds of jobs such as catering, production, office work, and so on. This allows companies to alleviate temporary staff shortages 24 hours a day.

TU/e-students Joost Aanen and Chris de Jong initiated Eventix, an online ticket-selling system for all kinds of events. Eventix is conquering the events market with a disruptive business model which allows ticketing to be offered to event organisers at lower or zero costs.

First edition 
It is the first time for student startups from Breda to be given a regional stage. The entrepreneurs have one thing in common: they are studying at, or have recently graduated from, one of the five participating educational institutes. “This is the first edition of the Student Startup Award Brabant. It is our ambition for next year to extend this initiative to include all Brabant-based educational institutes,” says Reggy van den Bosch, co-initiator and associated with the Tilburg Center of Entrepreneurship at Tilburg University.

Finals event
For the purpose of this first edition, the educational institutes have joined forces with the organisers of the Breda Startup Award. In one grand finals event on 24 November 2016 at Rabobank Breda, not only the best student startup of Brabant will be selected (by both jury and audience), but also the best startup of Breda. The Breda Community Award will also be presented. Finalists in the other categories are: Orange Aircraft, Synple and Craze B.V. for the Breda Startup Award and Kamu, Zorggroep Tuinzigt and DJ School for the Community Award.

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