Facility student won first prize at EuroFM

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During the European Facility Management Conference in Madrid (25-28 April 2017) our Facility Management student Claudia Vermeulen won the EuroFM European Student Competition.

Facility Management students Claudia Vermeulen and Nanette Bijleveld were selected by a jury and got the chance to present themselves at the conference. They handed in a 3-minute film clip for the Student Poster Competition.

Claudia was honoured to be one of the nominees and proud that she won the competition. Her submission presented research findings based on her graduation project ‘People-Centric Roadmap’, developed for the Workplace Strategy departement of the Dutch company JLL. Click here for the whole film clip.

By winning this competition Claudia Vermeulen has also gained access to the World Work Place conference and expo in Houston, organised by the International Facility Management Association. She also won up till € 1.000 to cover travel and accommodation expenses and $ 250 pocket money.

Source: Academy of Hotel and Facility Management

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