Facility Management alumna wins thesis award

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Facility Management alumna Sabine Reinink won the ‘Facility Management Bachelor of the Year’ award with her thesis.

The award is issued every year by ‘Facility Management Nederland’ during their annual congress. Each university of applied sciences, that offers a facility management course, was allowed to nominate one student.

Sabine won with her thesis ‘Changes in information management: from traditional to demand-supply’. Ellen van der Veen said on behalf of the jury: “Sabine’s thesis is about an area of attention that is definitely current in healthcare, has an innovative character and contributes to the further development within our field. The jury is of the opinion that the paper was written on an academic level. A thorough relationship is established between the demand/supply organisation and information management. The translation in this area from theory to practice provides a new, refreshing view of the role of performance management, especially within the healthcare sector.’’

Source: Academy of Hotel and Facility Management

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