Face It – The Identity Road at STEK during the Cultuurnacht 2018

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A project group of second year Social Innovation students is participating at Cultuurnacht this year. In cooperation with BO Breda, they have developed a vision and concept which will be shared via a photo exhibition. Here, the photos of eight different people, with each their own identity and story, will be shown. However, that is not all! Face It will also collaborate with Radiate! They are going to take you on a journey to see if you can guess the true identity of others.

While visiting Face It, you will be confronted with your own pre-judgements. Can you tell what someone’s real identity is by only looking at their appearance? Do you place others into specific boxes? Or do you see people for who they truly are? Find it out with us, during the Cultuurnacht 2018 at STEK! Are you ready to Face It?

Source: Face It

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