ESN is looking for a new board member

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The international student association of NHTV is looking for a new board member: Head of Marketing and Social Media.

This is what Lara Habold has to say about her position:

”As head of Marketing and Social media I am responsible for the promotion and marketing of both the ESN Breda events, and the promotion and marketing of ESN Breda as an organisation. Together with a team of international students I make sure that the students in Breda know about the activities happening around them. Another responsibility is that together with the other members of the board I make all the decisions for the organisation. For me I make these decisions mainly on a marketing perspective. When we need a certain amount of people to visit an event in order for us to not make a loss, I tell my fellow board members whether I think, from a marketing perspective, whether we will able to get that many participants.

I like how much I´ve learnt from ESN Breda. I have learnt so much about how to run an organisation, and how to be in charge of a committee. Furthermore, it is so much fun to do. The people that I met, both my colleagues and the exchange students, have had a great impact on me. It was so much fun to work with them!”

Do you feel that this position matches with your interests, skills and expertise and are you our Head of Marketing and Social Media for the next academic year? Apply by sending your motivation letter and curriculum vitae to with the topic sentence “Application – Head of Marketing and Social Media”.

Source: ESN Breda

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