Dutch ambassador visited NHTV students in Qatar

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​The Dutch ambassador in Qatar, Dr. Bahia Tahzib-Lie, visited Trimoo Parks, where she was informed about the cooperation between Trimoo and NHTV. She also met with the team of nine NHTV students who are working on a new concept for a future addition to the family entertainment centre Juniverse.

Timo van Boekel, Merel Joosse, Iskander Khairoutdinov, Kellie Klein, Lieuwe Nederlof, Sophie van Rijckevorsel, Lana van der Stonden, Merel Versteegh en Tom van der Zwan are in Qatar for their minor Storytelling & Consumer Experiences.

The theme of Juniverse is ‘the first city in space’. It contains a wide range of educational and edutainment attractions which will inspire and teach the children. They can learn about the jobs of the future through roleplay and digital interaction in 45 attractions. The NHTV students investigate the storyline and the theme, wishes and needs of the target group. They come up with realistic operational plans, new attractions and F&B and retail products.

Read more about the visit of the ambassador and about Trimoo Parks in the (Dutch) press release.

Source: Academy for Leisure

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