”Do you want to go Dutch?”

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Sibelicious chefs 250x250Sibelicious, the learning company of the Academy of Hotel & Facility Management, will provide you with the opportunity to go Dutch this week!

Within Sibelicious, our first- and second-year students get to gain experience in managing a hospitality company, and next week the selection of food and beverage will star quality products from The Netherlands!

Besides introducing some world-famous Dutch specialties to our international students and lecturers, real Dutchies will feel right at home in Sibelicious next week.

Coffee Corner & Grand Café
Our Coffee Corner will serve gingerbread truffles and a latte with “pepernoten”. Later on during the day, the Grand Café will  open and surprise you with the highest quality Dutch beer, brewed by Hertog Jan. Of course, a typical Dutch platter with cheese and sausage can not be absent to match these beers.

The Catering will delight you with, amongst others, chicken satay Dutch-style, pancakes with apple syrup, mackerel sandwiches and Dutch grilled cheeses.

In the restaurant, our á la carte lunch will delight you with for example orange carrot soup, Dutch farmer’s salad and poached pears with red wine and chocolate pie with “stroopwafels”.

Lunch is served daily, when we welcome you between 12.00 and 12.30.

Our dinner menu is the following:

Classic beetroot tartar with a poached egg

Guinea fowl with garlic potatoes, leek and mushroom sauce
Codfish with garlic potatoes, leek and Hollandaise sauce

Oma Annie’s poached pear in red wine with hazelnut ice cream

Dinner is served on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, when we welcome you between 18.00 and 18.30.

Booking your table is easy, go to www.sibelicious.com and click on “online reservation”. Prefer booking by phone? Call 076-5302781 to book your table.

Let’s go Dutch!

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