Do you have – or would you like to have – your own startup?

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If so, you might want to apply for the NHTV honours track in entrepreneurship and stand a chance of getting selected as one of the 20 students who receive coaching for 2 years in creating their own startups. The track will start in November. Would you like to be among this group of NHTV students? Please register via the link below. entrepreneurship

During this track you will develop your entrepreneurial skills, allowing you to make informed decisions on starting your own business. You will put your business idea to action. You will have a chance to experiment with business concepts and test their feasibility in realistic situations.

Upon completion of the track you will have the skills to survive as an entrepreneur, in a dynamic environment. So, you will actually set up your own business. We will coach you in this process in such a way that it will all be manageable alongside your regular studies, and you can use our coaching to make your business stronger.

The honours track will start in November 2016. It is open to all NHTV students, regardless of their study track or study phase. The track lasts 2 years (or 1 year for fourth-year students). During the track you can earn a maximum of 20 ECTS, for which you will be awarded a certificate!

The selection procedure will start in week 42. During this selection procedure, you will have 1.5 minutes’ time to pitch your business idea. Afterwards you will be asked several questions by the representatives of the business track.

Would you like to be one of the honours students next academic year? Please apply via this link.

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