Cross-academy team develops narrative concept for Brabant war museums

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In 2015, VisitBrabant commissioned a cross-academy team of experts from AfL (Moniek Hover, Frank Ouwens, Juriaan van Waalwijk and Caroline Segers) and ADE (Licia Calvi) to develop a connecting narrative concept and engaging storylines for the four largest war museums in Brabant. The concept was based on research into the supply of World War II heritage in the province, the target groups (partly based on data from previous research on dark tourism by AfT) and the enormous amount of war stories that exist in Brabant.Crossroads

The concept is based on sessions with external stakeholders and entitled ‘Crossroads: life changing stories in Brabant’. It has been received with great enthusiasm by VisitBrabant, the various museums, the Province and Erfgoed Brabant.

We currently execute a follow-up project for VisitBrabant. Our team has been extended with MSc Leisure Studies graduate Vincent Neveu. In this project we execute international market and target group research. The results will serve as input for the Crossroads Brand Guide which will steer the development of stories and products and which will include a joint marketing strategy for the museums and VisitBrabant. Possibilities for digital (augmented reality) applications in line with Crossroads are currently being explored.

Read more about Crossroads and the collaboration between the museums and Visit Brabant in the press release (in Dutch).

Source: Academy for Leisure, Academy for Digital Entertainment

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