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Connect@nhtv 02Successful workfield meeting Connect@NHTV of the Academy for Tourism.

Thursday 30 May the Academy for tourism organized, for the first time, a workfield meeting. Placement supervisors and external examinars of the Academy were invited under the title Connect@NHTV, learn, meet & greet. After the opening by Academy Director Wicher Meijer about 60 participants took part in a mini course (B) e-Ready, in which they were, in an inspiring way, informed about surprising insights in the field of internet and social media.

Connect@nhtv 01After a short break the participants took part in the Worldcafe, a unique concept in which people in a safe and familiar environment can speak about their experiences and ideas, in this case with regard to placements and graduation projects. During the sessions several issues were discussed, which in some cases led to new insights. All in all a very successful afternoon!

Source: Academy for Tourism


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