Change Minor and NHTV Campus reunited

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The renewed NHTV-wide Change Minor will kick off in September 2016. Just like in the past two years, the NHTV Campus developments will be at the centre of this minor.Change

The Change Minor (official name ‘Modern Business in a Changing World’) is truly an NHTV-wide minor: students from all academies participate, and the minor is offered by lecturers from almost every academy as well.

The participating students will focus on various projects related to the development of the NHTV Campus. Upcoming year, students will focus on themes such as the NHTV community, NHTV@work, sustainability, mobility management, and alumni policy. The advantage of the concept is that on the one hand students really get to experience what change is and how difficult but also fun it can be. NHTV can benefit from the plans students come up with, to make the transition to the NHTV Campus a successful one. Upcoming year the students will not only develop plans, but also test parts of their plans in the organisation, hopefully resulting in an even higher added value.

If you would like to know more about the Change Minor, or if you feel related to one of the themes and would like to give us input, please contact the minor coordinator, Rik Ligthart (

Source: Academy for Urban Development, Logistics and Mobility

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