Better housing in Breda

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Dear student,

As a student you are looking for pleasant, affordable and safe housing in the city you are studying in. This may sound simple, but things are different in practice. If you want get your own room in your student city you are dealing with waiting times, high rent and (too) small rooms at locations you would actually prefer not to live. The student housing providers of Kences are doing something about this. They will be constructing affordable student rooms at locations where you do want to live and take your housing needs into account.

We conduct a survey to find out how many students will be studying where in the coming years and how these students want to live. This survey is carried out in collaboration with the Ministry of Home Affairs, colleges and universities. If you really want to change something about the housing for students, then please cooperate with this survey using your computer or smartphone.

To participate you can click on this link.

The questionnaire consists of about 40 questions and takes about 10 minutes. You can also fill in the questionnaire using your smartphone! Participants have a chance to win gift cards from, Coolblue and Ikea to the valuation of 100 Euro.

How will your answers be used?
The result of the housing needs survey will be processed along with information from other sources in the monitor student housing. Thanks to this monitor we know how many students will be living in the student cities in the upcoming years and especially how they would like to live. This knowledge is used to determine the required number and type of student houses per student city and then adjust the building plans for the coming years.

How will I be kept up to date with the results?
The questionnaire will remain active up to 1 May. After the summer the result will become available on the website.

Thank you in advance for your participation!

Also on behalf of the participating institutions
Nico van Os
Executive Board NHTV

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