Best research paper award for Tourism students

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At the 31st International Tourism Student Conference in Madrid last week, the NHTV delegation of the International Tourism Management programme was rewarded with the Best Paper Award. The research topic was: Smart Technologies in Tourism; Case Study on the Influence of iBeacons on Customer Experience during the event ‘SAIL Amsterdam 2015’.prize

According to the chairman of the scientific committee (Prof. Lorenzo Bagnoli form the university of Milan) “the paper delivered an up-to-date literature review with using more than the standard sources on smart tourism. After a detailed analysis the research questions were answered and the paper ended with an excellent discussion and conclusion. Finally, the bibliography was perfect.”

Congratulations to our students for this superb achievement. Especially because this paper is the result of extra work, next to field research in Bali, thesis research in Belgium, Germany and The Netherlands.

Besides the presentation of the different delegations, there were several interesting keynote-speeches during this conference. Mrs. Terzibasoglu, the Programme Director Destination Management & Quality of the World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) spoke of the urgent need for smart tourism destinations in order to protect the well being of inhabitants of cities as Barcelona. Enrique Lancis of SEGITTUR, the department of the Spanish Ministry of Tourism that is involved in Tourism and Innovation, looked at Smart Tourism Destinations from the marketing perspective. Also a visit was paid to PANGEA, the biggest tour agency of the world. Instead of focusing on the Internet, this new company believes in personal contact to help customers find the experience they are looking for when booking a trip.

Interested in the paper or in joining the conference next year? Please contact Christa Barten, supervisor ITSC via

Source: Academy for Tourism

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