Available free of charge: furniture and household goods from the convent

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On Monday 1 May we will acquire the key for the convent which will soon become a part of the new NHTV Campus. On its delivery this monumental building will not be completely empty. It has been agreed with the current residents that things which they are not able or do not want to take with them will be left behind. This consists of tables, chairs, wardrobes, small cupboards, crockery and glassware.

The sisters have indicated that they wish to donate these things to the future ‘residents’. Students and members of staff at NHTV can use these things to supplement their own interiors as a lasting keepsake of the convent.

On Tuesday 2 May and Wednesday 3 May, from 16.00 to 20.00 hours, the convent will be open for students and members of staff at NHTV who wish to take a look at the remaining household effects. The intention is that the goods should be taken away immediately. On Thursday 4 May NHTV will commence with the setting up of the Festival Week in the convent and by then everything will have to have been removed.

Source: NHTV Campus project team

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