Arnoud Versluis appointed to the research committee of Edcom

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Academy for Digital Entertainment (IMEM) lecturer Arnoud Versluis has been appointed to the research committee of Edcom. This involvement means pushing the frontiers of where Edcom can make a difference for its members at research level.
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Other tasks are to contribute to the improvement of the assessment system and the criteria, draft the call for papers, assess entries and select winners of the EdcomThesis competition. Another important aspect is to involve industry people in Edtalks, where research and media topics will be shared.

Publishing with this organisation is not only a good opportunity for the Academy for Digital Entertainment, but for all NHTV employees and students involved in research or education related projects, who are interested in publishing their work.

About the Edcom
The European Association of Communications Agencies, together with the founding academic partners, has set up the European Institute for Commercial Communications Education (Edcom). The institute strives to promote excellence in commercial communications education and research and to further exchanges between the European commercial communications sector and academic partners.

For more info on Edcom click here or please contact Arnoud Versluis (

Source: Academy for Digital Entertainment Management

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