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The deadline for VSBfonds scholarship is 1 March 2018This is your opportunity to get a scholarship for a Master abroad of €7,000 to maximum €10,000.

Curious? More information can be found on their website (in Dutch).

Maam was selected for the VSBfonds scholarship. This is her experience:
Last year I decided to do a Master at a university in England. I found that abroad there is much more choice and no need to do a pre-master, besides that it also looks good on your CV. The only downside is the tuition fees, studying in England is undoubtedly more expensive comparing to the Netherlands. After some research I found the VSBfonds scholarship, for Dutch students having finished a study in the Netherlands and wanting to continue study abroad. I didn’t know the VSBfonds, but the more I read about it, the more I found it to be a very interesting organisation. For instance, where most scholarships look at academic achievements, the VSBfonds finds your involvement in society far more important.

During my registration I had to show my involvement in society. In my case this was mostly my voluntary work at a local scouts group, however this involvement can show in many ways. When I was applying I didn’t know if I was accepted to the English university, luckily that did not matter. Even if you have several applications open for different studies and have not decided yet, you can still apply for the scholarship. After my digital registration I had a meeting with several employees of NHTV. They for instance asked questions about what I wanted to do after my studies, in contrary to the online application they were very focussed on the future. After a few days I was called with the news that I would be the one nominated for the scholarship for NHTV, now only the VSBfonds needed to check out all the information I gave them, after that it was a done deal.

At the beginning of the summer a VSB-fonds day was organised for everybody who received the scholarship. The day was organised for us to get to know each other and the VSB-fonds organisation. We learned that they mainly invest in projects about society and art. For instance, we talked to young adults released from prison as kids, they are helped with reintegrating in society. Another project we visited was an art gallery which gave the local community the opportunity to rent art for a very small price. Lastly we heard a story of a woman who created a profitable company helping disadvantaged people to get jobs. The aim of the VSB-fonds here was to show that involvement in society can also be a business concept.

The scholarship made it possible for me to study in England, but it also inspired me about the power we have to make this world a little better.

Source: Student Office



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