Are you graduated or in the process to graduate and Dutch?

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This is your opportunity to get a scholarship of €7,000 to maximum €10,000. The deadline for VSBfonds scholarship is 1 March 2017!

Curious? More information can be found on their website (in Dutch).

Simone was selected for the VSBfonds scholarship. This is her experience:
I just came back from my exchange to the US and was exploring the different options for a master’s programme. With not much money left I was planning on doing my masters in the Netherlands. However, the programme I had in mind did not exist in the Netherlands, but in the UK, where tuition fees and living costs are considerably higher. A bit worried about how to finance this I, fortunately, got to hear about the VSBfonds Scholarship from my housemate. A few months later, we were celebrating that I got the scholarship.

Hoping that the scholarship will help other students as well to follow their dreams, I think, there are a few things, students should know about the VSBfonds scholarship.

First of all, VSBfonds does not require students to have excellent grades, but is looking for students who are committed to society. You will be asked how your study programme or research will contribute to your plan on how to contribute to the Dutch society. This plan does, of course, not mean you need to have planned out your whole future already.

I, for instance, mentioned how I believe a lot of media is very biased and I would like to create media that shows more perspectives and let people think and have an open discussion about those different perspectives. I did not know exactly what work I want to do in the future and for which organization. I could give some examples of organizations, but that was it.

Finally, the VSBfonds scholarship is more than just a scholarship. VSBfonds created a fun and inspiring day to meet other fellows and through the application process I had to reflect on my motivation, which made me even more convinced.


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