Ain’t no party like an NHTV Party

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Text: Dax Pegels

Dax-Pegels08-05-2014, Breda – It’s a Thursday evening and it’s raining cats and dog, but it doesn’t matter. NHTV is having their famous ‘FeeCie” party. The cafeteria at Mgr. Hopmanstraat is all dressed up and decorated. feecie1Darkness brought in the atmosphere and the stage had the most fantastic lighting display. The DJs were present to showcase their excellent spinning skills. We had Florinsz Janvier hitting the tables. Dastardly duo Mika Di Mara & YLF doing a back2back session and Kill the Buzz to end everybody off. Needless to say this was a recipe for a great memorable party.

Filling the Floor
feecie2As the DJs play, the floor slowly fills up until the whole dance floor is filled with the dancing masses. With fantastic dance tracks the DJs killed the floor. It was clear to see, that everyone was enjoying themselves in the musical maelstrom. Everybody was dressed for a successful night. As the night progressed some rumours started spreading out. Rumours that some famous DJ was going to show up at this party and maybe even spin some tunes.

feecieAll is well… And it was hard
It was 01:30 AM and Kill the Buzz was giving the crowd all he had, but the rumblings were true, and out of nowhere, the rumoured DJ jumped on stage. The crowd went nuts when they saw it was the best DJ in the world, Hardwell! As he played his famous tunes the crowd pressed closer to the stage to get a glimpse of the start. Together with Kill The Buzz, back to back, played for half an hour until they were forced to stop due to time constraints.

Tfeecie4he best… so, when is the next?
As Insight was lucky to join this party, take photos and enjoy the show, we have to say this was one of the best FeeCies. The DJs were great, the drinks flowed plentiful and a surprise show from Hardwell. Insight can surely say we will most definitely be there for the next edition.

Photos can be found on the Insight Facebook page!

Source: NHTV Insight Student News Team

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