Studium Generale about fake news

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Mr. Marc Josten will talk about fake news. He is an investigative journalist and editor in chief at HUMAN Broadcasting Company.

‘Fake news’ is a term that was, about 18 months ago, still unknown to many people. Yet, today, it has grown into a catch-all concept which indicates the disapproval, or rather, the discrediting of news and all kinds of stories. Fake news refers to (news) stories that have been spread with the sole purpose of misleading the general public in such a way that, for example, their opinion and behaviour lead to damaging certain people and/or gaining financial or political gain. Fake news is therefore dishonest, untrue and fabricated, while presented as accurate and true. It can be found in both traditional and social media. This phenomenon, although quite old, has risen to prominence during and after the recent presidential election in the United States. So-called ‘trolls’ (some of whom are paid) spread misinformation on all kinds of websites, including Twitter and Facebook.

The contrast cannot be bigger: professional journalism is expected to inform the public in a fair, objective, honest and factual way, and to adhere to a professional code of ethics, and to the norms and values applied to media ethics. While fake news creates confusion, uncertainty and harm. Is there a possibility to recognise and identify fake news? How can we, the general public, go around with fake news? Which values are at stake when a society is ‘ruled’ by fake news? What does it say about free speech? How can we make good decisions if we cannot trust the news? This theme will be addressed by Mr. Marc Josten, who is an expert on the processes, which influence the public opinion. He will use both historical and current examples to lay bare the mechanisms and impacts of fake news.

Please find more details about the speaker and the programme on the NHTV website, or register directly. Registration is free.

Source: Studium Generale

Location: N1.222
Start: Thursday, April 19th, 2018 at 11:50
End: Thursday, April 19th, 2018 at 13:30


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