ADE SecretaryDesk closed

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Dear Students

From now on the ADE SecretaryDesk will be closed. The ServiceDesk, ground floor, will be your first point of contact for several kind of tasks. For example, the ServiceDesk can help you with:

  • payment for late registration for written exams
  • filling in forms, such as proof of registration, insurance, child support, etc.

If necessary, the Servicedesk will put you through to the SecretaryDesk/Operations ADE.

In the exam weeks the SecretaryDesk/Operations ADE will be open again for questions and concerns regarding the exams.

Before Summer Holidays we will revise this pilot. But don’t wait, if you have any feedback or suggestions, please let us know as soon as possible.

Of course you still can reach us by mail or phone 076 – 533 2770

Kind regards,

Secretary / Team Operations ADE

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