ADE offers Executive Training to NTR

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On Tuesday 16 May a group of 12 people from the Dutch public broadcasting company NTR visited the Academy for Digital Entertainment (ADE). They participated in a day full of workshops on ‘connected audience’. 

One of the goals ADE has set out to achieve is to offer more executive training to media and game professionals. Preferably with direct feedback into and connection with education and spinoff in terms of work placement and actual work opportunities. The connected audience workshops served all these purposes.

The programme was proposed to NTR by media consultancy agency Radome, run by a former MMI student. The participants from NTR included CEO Paul Römer, (chief) editors and  producers of renowned programmes such as Nieuwsuur and Klokhuis. They came to ADE to get inspired, learn about the possibilities of new technologies such as VR/AR. This all in a search to connect with new and younger audiences.

The interactive morning programme consisted of a so-called ‘social VR workshop’ presented and designed by Wilco Boode of ADE’s CRADLE Research Lab. Participants experienced being in Virtual Reality together, trying to find their way into and (some of them) out of a giant Aztec-themed maze. The other part of the morning programme was an introduction by professor ‘Digital Media Concepts’ Marnix van Gisbergen to the role VR may play/plays in the current and future media landscape. This was followed by a presentation on the concepts behind transmedia strategies from IMEM’s educational manager Bruce Hancock. Talking with NTR is important to be able to translate and apply our transmedia knowledge into areas such as journalism.

The morning session lead to some open ideas concerning the application of VR and transmedia to the NTR goals and the challenges they face today. These ideas were reflected upon in the afternoon session in which NTR reached out to discuss and engage with a panel of (international) IMEM bachelor and MMI master students. They also talked to YouTuber Veras Fawaz who represented DYTG (Dutch YouTube Gathering), a venture started by MMI alumnus Eelco Kingma.

The executive training was completed with a lab tour. NTR staff were left impressed after having experienced more VR and AR stuff, wearing the Microsoft Hololens and HTC Vive. ADE expects to further collaborate with NTR on concrete projects on, amongst others, VR and journalism in the near future.

ADE aims at attracting and inspiring more (media) companies through this kind of interactive executive training sessions.

Source: Academy for Digital Entertainment

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