ADE at EMAC2017: Shaping the future of VR marketing

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Dr Svetlana Bialkova (Academy for Digital Entertainment), together with professor Enrique Bigne (University of Valencia), hosted a workshop on “Shaping the future of VR marketing: perspectives and challenges” at the European Marketing Academy, EMAC 2017.

The aim of this virtual reality (VR) special session was to provide some understanding on the brand-consumer dynamics in(-between) virtual and real worlds. Thus, the possibility to shape the future of VR marketing.

After a ground introduction on theory and techniques, working implications and models were presented. The talks of our guest speakers covered a variety of studies conducted with consumers across the globe, implementing various marketing tools, experimental designs, using different measurements and analytical approaches. The attendees were offered knowledge on a broad range of VR technologies and devices from CAVE, 360º video wall, to 3D VR shelves and head-mounted displays. The session rounded up with an interactive discussion, showing great interest on the topic at stake.

Source: Academy for Digital Entertainment

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