ACEEPT 2017: “Produc(e·)in‘·Tourism”

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From 19 until 25 November this year’s edition of the international ACEEPT project week has taken place at one of our German partners, HTW Saar in Saarbrücken. Tourism students Sophie Bes, Maxime Bolwerk, Belinda Graafland, Xiaoyu Liu and Zefine van Roekel were there. Under the supervision of Remco Wachelder they worked together on several tasks in an international atmosphere of students, professionals and lecturers. They came from 8 European University Colleges in Tourism and had 15 nationalities. The international teams of students have been focusing on creating attractive tourism products for three specific segments within the Saarland region.

This year’s theme focused on: “Produc(e·)in‘·Tourism”. In times of globalisation and standardisation, tourists are increasingly seeking for authenticity, quality and sustainability in their lives. Regional products and their production processes have become essential parts in many ‘tourism products’. “Producing” also includes different types of ‘industrial tourism’. In general, industrial tourism is a form of tourism in which production sites are linked to a specific region and are essential components of the tourism product. This involves the use of closed-down production facilities as well as still operating ones for tourist purposes.

According to the great number of positive reactions, the outcome of the project week has been very successful and satisfactory for all attendees. It has offered an excellent opportunity for sharing knowledge and expertise among the stakeholders. The students have taken the chance to improve their personal and professional skills. The lecturers have discussed the opportunity to develop joint curricula or establish networks for mobility. Furthermore this network is of added value to our academy within the framework of internationalisation.

The next edition of the ACEEPT project week will once more take place at HTW Saar – University of Applied Sciences in Saarbrücken, Germany, November 2018.

Source: Academy for Tourism

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