Access to your NHTV student e-mail

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Here’s some info on how to access your mail in the new Office 365 environment.


From now on there are 2 way of accessing your NHTV email:

– Login to our portal ( , under the Study tab you will find the new Outlook Live link (which will be renamed to Office 365). This link will bring you to your inbox. If you still have a Live@edu block or link on the personal tab of the portal please remove it!

– Go to / , you will be redirected to a NHTV authentication page. Please login with your NHTV credentials and you will be forwarded to your inbox. If for any reason you receive an error message , then please click the link in the message to log out from all the Microsoft systems and then try the above options again. Clearing your browser cache and cookies could help.

When you have connected your NHTV mail to a mobile device (phone or Tablet etc.) or a local outlook (or alternative mail program) installation on your pc / laptop, you might need to change some settings.

You can use for the correct settings!

As mentioned before, in the near future we will upgrade Office 365 with new functionalities like: Office Web apps, SkyDrive Pro , Skype, SharePoint and Lync.

We will keep you posted with updates.

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