The cheapest way to taste Breda

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Do you want a bite for a cheap price, chill atmosphere and afterwards a party?! Welcome to Student Snack Festival. A food festival for students by students.

Another food truck festival, we know what you’re thinking.. It seems like a cool idea, but often you find yourself paying way too much for not even a full meal. But that is about to change, as we bring you the first edition of the Student Snack Festival! A festival organised for students by students. We all know your struggles, being a student is expensive and unfortunately money doesn’t grow on trees. But not this time, no microwave meals, no take out food and no instant noodles, we bring you 5 of the best restaurants in Breda who will create their signature dish for you to taste.

Relax and enjoy our student take on a traditional food truck festival, with affordable but tasty food, chilled atmosphere, live music and booze. Get your agenda out, and mark 12 December! We will gather at the Bruine Pij so no need for a designated driver, we say bottoms up! Be there or be square.

Location: Bruine Pij
Date: 12 December
Time: 17:00-23:00
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