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As previously announced in the IM&ICT Office release calandar N@tschool will receive an update, in which the name will also change to Cumlaude Learning. For this reason you will not be able to reach N@tschool on Thursday 15 February 2018. Possibly with extension to Friday 16 February. 

In terms of functionality, this update changes little. But, the appearance will be thoroughly polished. With this new version the system it is prepared for future improvements.

From 19 February the system will be approachable again and the electronic learning environment (ELO) will no longer be called N@tschool, but Cumlaude Learning.

Temporarily: extra login for N@tschool
Single Sign On (SSO) to the new version of N@tschool (Cumlaude Learning) will also be realised now that we have launched the new student portal. At this time however you will have to login (extra) by entering your credentials. This will be solved once Cumlaude Learning is released. From that moment on you will login automatically with SSO via the new portal. The old student portal will then be shut down.

More detailed information, consisting of a global overview in PowerPoint and instructions regarding support for problems, will follow later.

Source: IM&ICT Office

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