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Do you want to know more about the opportunity to follow a Master programme at Wageningen University? Than you should visit our Master Open Day at Friday 7 April from 16.30-20.30 hour. There you can get to know everything about all master programmes and the university itself. Students as well as study advisors will be present to provide information and give answers during presentations or individual conversations.

Are you interested in researching, planning, and the development of landscapes where you can contribute to themes such as urbanization, climate change, energy needs, health and food security with use of physics, technical and social sciences? Than visit the university and check the opportunities of the two year Master Landscape Architecture and Planning!

Are you interested in business, sociological processes around the consumer and/or economics? And do you like topics such as food, agribusiness and the environment? Than check your opportunities for the two years master  Master Management, Economics and Consumer Studies. Are you interested in facility management? Then there is also a specialisation Facility Management .

Check for more information about the open day or subscribe directly.

Are you not able to visit the Master Open Day, but do you still want to know more about a specific master programme and answers to your questions? You can reach out to our student coaches. They are there to help you with all your questions about choosing a master programme. Not only to discuss the content of the programme, but also about studying in Wageningen.

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