30 November: Studium Generale on neuromarketing

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On Thursday 30 November, Roderick Reichenbach will talk about neuromarketing during a free Studium Generale lecture. He is co-founder and managing director of Braingineers B.V. 

Neuromarketing is a relatively young field of study and was introduced into the Dutch marketing landscape about 15 years ago. It comprises different (originally medical) techniques, such as EEG and fMRI. These techniques measure how the human brain reacts to specific stimuli and assess the emotions which are attached to that. Neuromarketing is used to optimally align products and services with the wishes and needs of customers and to enlarge the effects of marketing activities.

Neuromarketing is a fascinating field of study which harbours a great promise for business. But it is also controversial (at least in the U.S.) because it is deemed unethical to use medical knowledge and techniques for increasing business profits.

So this promises to be a very relevant and interesting event! Please find more details about the speaker and the programme on the NHTV website, or register directly. Registration is free.

Source: Studium Generale

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