3 Dutch Game Awards for NHTV student games

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During the Awards Dinner on 6 October, ​NHTV student teams captured all three Dutch Game Awards for student games. The Red Stare won Awards for Best Student Game Design and Best Student Art Direction, Bolt Storm won the Award for Best Student Technical Achievement.

This years’ Dutch Game Awards student categories were dominated by NHTV students, as five projects were nominated across the three categories:

  • Einar, a hack and slash game, that has been downloaded on Steam more than 150,000 times
  • The Red Stare, a fully featured free VR experience that lets you spy on your communist neighbours. It has Steam ratings of 93% positive
  • The Automatician, a first person puzzle game that lets the player build Rube Goldberg Machines. The game is now available on Steam
  • Bolt Storm and Defend Your Friend, which are planned for release next year

Two years ago IGAD changed into an innovative educational programme structure, focused on training for industry experience. The third year focuses heavily on teamwork in bigger projects that aim for a public release. This new structure is paying off with some beautiful products, some of which arguably compete with commercial products. This develops the mentality and skillset the students require to go on their internships or doing their graduation projects.

Source: Academy for Digital Entertainment

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