19 South African Logistics students

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students%20from%20ekurhuleni%20south%20africaThis academic year we have welcomed 19 students from South Africa at the Academy for Urban Development, Logistics and Mobility. These students have received a fully funded scholarship from Ekurhuleni Metropole Municipality to study Logistics and Economics or Logistics Engineering at NHTV. They will obtain their Bachelor’s degree in four years’ time. After graduation they will return to South Africa and transfer the knowledge and experiences to the logistics industry in the Metropole Ekurhuleni, which is becoming the logistic capital of Southern Africa.

Bokang Lemaoana is one the South African students. In this pdf you can read his story about their first experiences in the Netherlands and how thankful the students are for this meaningful opportunity.

Source: Academy for Urban Development, Logistics and Mobility

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  1. Erwin

    Disappointed to see there aren’t any boers. Diversity only goes one way, as always.
    tog baie sukses aan die studente self

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