150 IMEM students took the challenge

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On 2 May, 150 second-year IMEM students were triggered to take the pressure cooker challenge by The Communication Company (TCC), a leading creative agency in Breda. Based on a new partnership between IMEM and TCC, students were asked to come up with a brand activation campaign for 3 challenger brands.

  • The Athletes Foot asked for a concept to increase their number of Instagram followers.
  • De Meeuw wanted a concept that emphasises the benefits of their new building configurator tool.
  • Corona Light asked for an on-trade campaign to encourage sales for Corona Light at the beach clubs in the Netherlands.

Within 24 hours, students had time to explore insights, set their goals, structure the creative ideas and execute these in an interactive and digital way. It really felt like a pressure cooker for them. While working, they ordered meals in the evening and sent messages to supervisors around midnight asking for help.

After those 24 hours,  all students were invited to come to TCC head office. A beautiful industrial building next to the former brewery ABInbev in Breda. A jury panel with strategy and creative employees from TCC and also the three clients were impressed by the output. The students had come up with various, fresh and straightforward concepts in such a short time.

This pressure cooker was a great event for all students after 3 blocks of hard work within Production House in different companies. They really could apply what they had learned! A big thank you to TCC who made this possible and the students for their impressive work.

Source: Academy for Digital Entertainment

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