10 October Sustainability Day

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10 October is Sustainability Day in the Netherlands. On that day, we will present an interesting programme consisting of two lectures, a presentation and a thesis award ceremony. Sustainability Day is part of Studium Generale.Sustainability-Day-250x250

The two lectures will be held by Natascha Zwaal (World Wide Fund for Nature Netherlands – WWF) and Paul Peeters.

Natascha Zwaal will focus on the main findings of the bi-annual WWF report ‘Living Planet Report’ which conveys state of the art information on the biodiversity and threats caused by human behaviour. Paul Peeters will focus on one of the issues addressed by Zwaal, namely the unsustainable development of the carbon footprint of tourism and how to mitigate its impacts – the very core of his research interest.

Besides these two lectures, there will also be a presentation on ‘NHTV and the way to a green campus’ and a thesis award ceremony in which the three most creative and original theses addressing sustainability will be awarded first, second and third prize.

Admission is free and a (meatless) lunch will be included. You can register on the website, where you can find more information about the programme too.

Source: Executive Board

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4 comments on “10 October Sustainability Day”

  1. Elisa

    Both links of the websites are not working. could you please check that so that it is possible again to register for the event?

  2. Richard

    Dear Elisa,

    The links are working now. Thanks for letting us know!

    Kind regards.

  3. Rianne

    I think there the problem is not solved yet, because I still can’t register

  4. Richard

    I don’t know what went wrong here… The links are working now! Apologies for the inconvenience.

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