› Game designers and businessmen
› Definite GO on master Leisure Studies
› Participate in a research study, using Instagram!
› NHTV goes mobile: Student app now available for Android!
› Libraries closed Wednesday the 7th of May until 12.00 hrs
› TI Raleigh Cyclist Café and Cycle Race Breda
› NHTV translation team: limited working hours during May holiday
› A thank-you for the Open Evening
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Academy news
› AFL Awards
› Joe Pine talks to Facility Management students
› Game designers and businessmen
› NHTV App – Beta Relaunch
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› MR Members introduce themselves
› Lunch Meeting with Executive Board on educational vision
› What does NHTV have to do with Cinderella and Tintin?
› Meet the NHTV Participation Council
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Knowledge & Research
› Guest lecture by world-renowned American professor
› Carnaval connects people
› Successful visit to Bilbao by AFL staff and students
› Master Metropolitan University visits Breda
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Knowledge & Research
› Symposium social entrepreneurship: The Road
› €500k Assignment to develop Game Incubator
› BOM and NHTV join logistical forces
› EBT & Brabant Talents On Tour – Connecting Talents
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› Cognition central to matching
› Student stress on the rise
› Fifty euros for taking an obligatory language test
› No extra costs for study programmes anyway
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› AFL Awards
› Thesis joint introduction Breda
› ColorRain and ColorRain Glow
› WANTED: writers & webdesigner for new online magazine
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› The Change Factory
› TI Raleigh Cyclist Café and Cycle Race Breda
› Vredesweek looking for nominees
› ColorRain and ColorRain Glow
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